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Teaching Experience

For more than 15 years I have had the privilege of teaching music to students of diverse ages, levels of experience, and backgrounds.  I have worked with students in colleges and universities, youth orchestra programs, regional orchestra clinics, public classrooms, private studios, and orchestra halls; with material ranging from early childhood music to advanced tonal analysis, and solo guitar repertoire to symphonic and operatic masterworks.  My private students have been invited to regional music festivals and offered admission to the Oberlin and San Francisco conservatories.  In recent years I have directed the Campus Maroon, Gold, and String Orchestras at the University of Minnesota, where I was also an Assistant Conductor for University Symphony Orchestra and University Opera Theater Assistant.


Joyful learning and masterful performance are holistic enterprises. In addition to regular, thoughtful, and playful practice, musical growth requires the integration of mental, aural, and physical comprehension. Students must understand and be curious about where the music comes from and how is built. They must be able to hear it internally and then able to sing and play it with accuracy and expression.  No one element stands alone - all are interdependent.  When making music with others, students learn to listen and lead simultaneously, from whatever chair they occupy. In this way, the study of music also encourages cognitive development, the ability to listen and communicate effectively, cultural awareness, and an intuitive understanding of what it means to be part of a community.


With this philosophy in mind, I emphasize disciplined, playful, and experimental practice; regular technical exercise; listening to recordings and attending live performances; the ability to sing what we play; an understanding of music theory and history as it relates to the student’s repertoire; regular performance; participation in ensembles; and the involvement of parents and peers in the learning process. 

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