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Guitar Journeys on KUSF

On January 18, University of San Francisco officials came into the broadcast studio of community and student run radio station, KUSF, and abruptly shut the station down.  The USF administration had sold the 90.3fm transmitter without consulting or warning KUSF producers, djs, or other volunteers, and in doing so they brought an end to more than 30 years of community radio. As producer and host of KUSF’s Guitar Journeys, I am saddened by these events.  But do not despair, ye lovers of radio! Committed and passionate members of KUSF in Exile and the Save KUSF movement are fighting to win back our community’s radio station.  The license transfer still needs approval from the FCC, and we’re fighting to block that approval so we can get the community’s station back. We’ve received tons of support, including a motion by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in opposition to the sale, and we’d appreciate your support as well!  Please visit www.savekusf.org to discover how you can help save community radio in San Francisco.  KUSF in Exile is now streaming online, live on WFMU, and Guitar Journeys will be broadcasting at 9:00pm PST on Mondays. Thanks for listening!

Guitar Journeys is a weekly radio show featuring a diverse array of guitar music, including classical, jazz, fingerstyle acoustic, and plenty of tunes that defy genre and definition all together.  I produced the show and hosted on the first and fifth Mondays of each month, at 11pm.  My awesome co-hosts, DJ Theresa, DJ Tuggy, and DJ Teja, hosted the other Mondays, each bringing their own perspective and passion to specific areas of the guitar repertoire. You can listen to old shows on the KUSF Archives.  Also, look below for playlists and links to specific shows I hosted.  More to be added soon....

Guitar and Orchestra -  August 2  -  Listen on the archives

Fourtuneteller, from Zingari, by John Anthony Lennon (David Starobin and the SMU Symphony Orchestra, David Milnes, conductor)

Nourlangie, by Peter Sculthorpe (John Williams and the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Richard Hickox, conductor)

To the Edge of Dream, by Toru Takemitsu (Julian Bream and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Simon Rattle, conductor)

Mother of the Man, from Naïve and Sentimental Music, by John Adams (David Tanenbaum and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Esa-     

      Pekka Salonen, conductor)

Mid- 19th century Romantic music - July 5  -  Listen on the archives

Fantasie, Op. 16: Sur duex motifs de Norma de Bellini, by Napoléon Coste (Pavel Steidl)

Bardenklänge: Abendlied, Unruhe and Elfenreigen, by Johann Kaspar Mertz (Richard Savino)

Fantasie Hongroise, Op. 65, No. 1, by J.K. Mertz (Mesut Özgen)

Introduction et Caprice, Op. 23, by Giulio Regondi (Stephen Aron)

Three Mazurkas, Op. 50, by Frédéric Chopin (Stephen Aron)

Mazurka, Op. 59, No. 3, by F. Chopin (Béla Fleck, banjo and John Williams, guitar)

Mazurka, Op. 6, No. 1, by F. Chopin (Béla Fleck, banjo and Joshua Bell, violin)

Paul and George Psarras - June 7  -   Listen on the archives.

Paul and George joined me for a night of early music transcriptions, discussions about their work, and live performances on guitar, oud, and doumbek.

Toccata Prima, by Johannes Hieronymus Kapsberger – Rolf Lislevand, theorbo

Adagio from Violin Sonata No. 1 BWV 1001, J.S. Bach – Paul Psarras, guitar (live)

Ballo Primo, by J.H. Kapsberger – Rolf Lislevand, theorbo

La Cascade, by Ennemond Gaultier (trans. Psarras/Tanenbaum)– Paul Psarras, guitar (live)

Fantasia and Courante from Partita in D Minor, by Silvius Leopold Weiss – Hopkinsin Smith, lute

Ductia, by Alfonso el Sabeo – Hesperion XXI, Jordi Savall

Traditional piece from the region of Smyrna (Turkey) – Paul and George Psarras, oud and doumbek (live)

Icaros (Icarus), by Antonis Apergis (recorded by the composer)

Mid-Late 20th century music for solo guitar - May 31    -    Listen on the archives.

Sonatina for Guitar, by Lennox Berkeley – Graham Anthony Devine

Suite for Guitar, by Ned Rorem – Stephen Aron

Royal Winter Music: First Sonata on Shakespearean Characters, by Hans Werner Henze – David Tanenbaum

Equinox, by Toru Takemitsu – Franz Halász

San Francisco Conservatory Guitar Trio: Matt Billie, Matt Holmes-Linder, Mason Fish

May 3    -   Listen on the archives.

“Arabescata,” from Scordatura Suite, by Andrew McKenna Lee - recorded by the composer

Four Moods, by Stephan Rak - live

Follow the Star, by Stephen Dodgson - live

The Transition, by Garrett Shatzer - live

Elegy for Harpo Marx, by Lou Harrison - recorded by the David Tanenbaum, Brian Dowdy, and Rodrigo Placencia

Guitar and Electronics - April 26   -   Listen on the archives.

Hinchinbrook Riffs, by Nigel Westlake – Travis Andrews

Soe-pa, by Ingram Marshall – Benjamin Verdery

Synchronisms No. 10, by Mario Davidovsky – David Starobin

Ricochet, by Peter Gilbert – Daniel Lippel

Birds of a Midsummer Night – Curt Kollavik (guitar) and Helle Kristensen (recorders)

Flute and Guitar Duets – April 5    -   Listen on the archives.

Sonata for Flute and Guitar, Op. 25, by Lowell Liebermann – Alexa Still and Franco Platino

Sommerzauber, by Mogens Christensen – Lonnie Svilling and Jesper Sivebaek

Sonatina, Op. 205, by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco – William Bennett and Simon Wynberg

Toward the Sea, by Toru Takemitsu – Patrick Gallois and Goran Sollscher

Romanian Folk Dances, by Bela Bartok (arr. Arthur Levering, rev. Simon Wynberg) – William Bennett and S. Wynberg

Hot Air Music Festival organizers Carrie Smith and Andrew Meyerson – March 29

Listen on the archives.

“Echo,” from Partita, by Aaron Jay Kernis – David Tanenbaum

Suite No. 2, by Lou Harrison – John Schneider (guitar), Amy Schulman (harp), Gene Sterling (percussion)

Everyday Endgame, by Max Stoffregen – Picasso Quartet, Zach Taylor (bass), Michael Williams (flute), Jeff Anderle (bass clarinet), Ivor Holloway (alto sax), Jordan Glen (drums), Bill Wolter (guitar), Brian Dowdy (conductor)

“III. Fast”, from Electric Counterpoint – David Tanenbaum

Three Greek Letters, by Sergio Assad – Aliéksey Vianna

Serenade, by Lou Harrison – David Tanenbaum

Guitar and String Quartet – March 15    -   Listen on the archives.

Throwback, by Ken Thompson – Ty Citerman (electric guitar) and Beth Meyers (viola) as soloists, Olivia DePrato and Andrea Springer (violins), John Pickford Richards (viola), Jody Redhage (cello), Eleanore Oppenheim (bass), and 6 people playing drumsticks on the floor

Top 100 Greatest Dance Hits, by Aaron Jay Kernis – David Tanenbaum and the Kashi String Quartet

Physical Property, by Steven Mackey – Steven Mackey and the Kronos Quartet

Quintet for Guitar and String Quartet, by Leo Brouwer – Denis SungHô and Quatuor Alfama

Avant-Pop-Minimalism – March 8    -   Listen on the archives.

Nagoya Electric, by Steve Reich – arranged and performed by Kevin R. Gallagher

Electric Counterpoint, by Steve Reich – David Tannenbaum

Banksy, by Ryan Brown – San Francisco Conservatory Guitar Ensemble

Hinchinbrook Riffs, by Nigel Westlake – Travis Andrews

Herbie Moonshine’s Last Dance – composed and performed by Gyan Riley

Guitar Journeys with Giacomo Fiore

Listen on the archives

On September 6 I hosted my friend and colleague Giacomo Fiore as a live guest on Guitar Journeys.  Giacomo played live and recorded selections, including music by Peter Maxwell-Davies, Leo Brouwer, Lou Harrison, and Benjamin Britten.  We also talked about his continuing performance projects and musicological work.  Check out the archives page for the sweet and sometimes strange sounds of Giacomo’s classical and just-intoned resonator guitars. Thanks Giacomo!

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